The Beginning of a Body Revolution

When I was little I wanted to be many things…I wanted to be a ballerin, a modelor, a gymnastics teacher, a first grade teacher…then as I got older I moved on and wanted to be a high school English teacher, a District Attorney, work in Student Affairs…and then I found my passion, working with men and women who have eating disorders and this is exactly what I get to do after I graduate (more on that at a later time)…and now I really get to start working on some amazing things with some amazing women…

Throughout the past year there have been so many people that have impacted my life. Some that I still get to see and talk with each week and others who are part of my past but will forever hold a special place in my heart. It’s hard to have people that were once there no longer be a part of my life today but they will hold pieces of my heart indefinitely, because they helped me along this path to recovery. As I look back at all these amazing men and women in my life I begin to tear up, because they honestly mean the world to me in more ways than they’ll ever know. It is because of them I am able to sit here and write this blog.

There was a young woman along the way that had more of impact than she’ll ever know on me. She was a friend before our journey but  she will now be a part of my life forever, no matter where life takes us. We like to say we have gone to (and through) hell and back together. We walked through this journey of recovery literally at the same time, with much of the same professional support team, and were a huge encouragement to one another. We promised each other that we would make it through and we have. Praise God! She too has recovered from her eating disorder and wants to give back and help others. She is literally one of the most beautiful and courageous women you will ever meet…so when she asked me join her on this journey I could in no manner refuse…

Nat much like me has a passion for helping women who have gone through the pain of (or are going through the pain of) an eating disorder and she wants to offer them help and hope. And that’s where her vision and our vision comes in. We are starting Beyond Blessed (and the name is no coincidence:)). It’s in the beginning stages but we want to offer hope, resources, and a forum for women and men who struggle with ED to chat, to get help. Now we realize that in no way are we any type of professionals on this and this is why the website we have created is there to offer resources to professional help, to ask questions, to provide support, and to get into contact with us and much like my blog to help people who struggle with ED, to know that others understand and have been there. We want to start a revolution, a body revolution; that says it’s okay to not be perfect, it’s okay to have struggles and that you CAN make it through! This isn’t about our stories it’s about people finding hope in others stories, it’s about building a community that supports and loves, it’s about starting a revolution to fight ED!

So sweet friends here is where you come in… check out our website at and give us suggestions and feedback. Let us know what you want to see… and most importantly we want you to find hope and know that the two of us believe you are worth fighting for and I know Nat would agree with me when I say….ALWAYS remember…

YOU are LOVED and you are WORTH IT!!


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