Taking a Leap of Faith


Tomorrow I am taking another huge leap of faith. Tomorrow I get to share this video with a group of high school students and talk to them about Eating Disorders and Recovery. I wanted to share it with all of you first so that you could be praying that it would help open a conversation, that recovery is possible and grace is so much better. My story is one of millions and it has never been about me but if sharing my story of grace helps one person find freedom and grace than it is worth sharing.

Thanks for watching!

Always remember…

You are loved and you are worth it,


2 thoughts on “Taking a Leap of Faith

  1. Martha, I loved the video but some of it moved so fast I couldn’t read everything. There was so much good stuff to read and I hated to miss it. I am so proud of you and I love your ministry. I know God is using you in such a mighty way and I know you are touching more lives than you know. I personally have told several people about your website and I know others have also. You are a true blessing

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