I Am Not a Writer


I never meant to be a blogger. I never sat down and thought I could write something that would resonate with others. I never thought of myself as a writer. I was always the reader. I love books like some people love the sunshine, I cannot get enough. I have always had a book under my arm, not a pen in my hand. I majored in English because I love literature not writing. I crave stories and the words in them.

All that time I never thought I was a writer. In fact, for nearly all of my education years I hated writing. I hated essays. I hated papers. Ask me to read a book and I would do it in a night. Ask me to write anything and I would sit on it for as long as possible. However, the older I’ve become the more I have recognized we all have a story, a story unique from anyone else’s and if we are brave enough to tell our story than others might share theirs too. And when we share our stories we might realize we have a friend who understands us and can help share in our burdens.

Recently I have struggled with the idea of myself as a blogger. It is no secret that I love social media. I can recognize that there are definite downsides to the use of social media. However, for many reasons I will always love it. I love the inspiration that can be found, the relationships that can be built, the companionship that can be shared and the storytelling that can be told. I have benefitted from each and every one of these aspects.

I follow some of the most creative bloggers, photographers, and activists on social media and while I love seeing their posts, on my bad days I cannot help but compare. Now my friends, I have learned that the comparison is the thief of joy. So when the lies tell me that I am simply MK, I don’t have a fancy company, I am too young, I am a nobody…the truth tells me that I am MK, there is no one like me, I have a story and I am the only one who can tell my story, and I was put on earth to tell my story so that it might point to the gospel…that is my truth.

So on the days I struggle with whether I am a true blogger or even more whether I am a true writer. I tell myself that YES I am! Because to me, a writer tells a story and that is exactly what I am doing, I am telling my story. I am a writer. I never imagined I could be or I would be but I am.

Pretty soon this special piece of web space is going to get a fabulous make over by my fabulous friend and designer KM (and yes our name is totally the same flip flopped. Hers is Kate Martha!! We were meant to be besties!!) So as that change takes place, it is important for me to remind myself and my readers why I write. I write simply to tell my story, in hopes that it may help one person realize that they are not alone and that freedom is REAL and it is the BEST! When we tell our story we allow the gospel to become real to people and that is my hope for this blog, that you would see the grace of the gospel in the midst of my mess. Whether you are a blogger or a writer, you are a storyteller because only you can tell your story, so tell it.

So if you are reading for the first time or for the millionth time…Welcome Friend! I know that you have a story to tell and one day I hope I get to hear it. And may you always remember…

You are loved and you are worth it,



13 thoughts on “I Am Not a Writer

  1. Martha, you’re are so right , we all have our unique story to tell! But I can definitively relate to your blogger/writer insecurities ! I guess that everyone whose creating something goes through questioning and comparison..

  2. We all have a story to tell! Some of us may be better at articulating it than others, but I’m sure every one of us has something to say that would resonate with someone.

  3. What works for me is to just compare myself with my own best self, best work, etc, I challenge myself in ways that maybe others cannot, because their work or words and experience is their own truth not mine 🙂
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts

  4. I used to think blogging was a narcissistic activity and despite my family encouraging me to blog I never did. Until I became an avid blog reader and I realized it isn’t about narcissism as it is about sharing. Blogging bridges people from all over who are like minded or who care about the same things! And we should think of ourselves as writers although I don’t. I do relate to being a blogger but have to remind myself that my writing is what presents myself to the world! Thanks for sharing your insights on this too!

  5. I think you’ll find you’ll go through many phases that work for you in the blogging world – don’t be afraid of change! Just write what works for you, it’ll work out great!

  6. I have to remind myself not to compare myself to others constantly! It’s so hard in the blogging world because as bloggers we have to make sure we are interacting with other blogs and reading their material in order to continue to grow. More than that, I enjoy reading other blogs because it inspires my own. However, it does make me compare myself. Tack that on to the fact that i’m pretty new to this blogging thing, and well, there you go. But writing what’s in your heart and continuing to blog consistently to find your voice, I feel is SO important. In the beginning you are hard on yourself but as you grow and make mistakes and experience wins you find your voice and you trust that voice more and more as time goes on.

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