My Best Friend Ed


For twelve years, I lived a secret life, a life that I promised to let no one in on. I lived a life of darkness, of fear, of shame. I was battling an illness that not even my closest friends and family knew I faced….Read the rest of the story on my sweet friend’s blog…


2 thoughts on “My Best Friend Ed

  1. Martha,

    Thank you so much for sharing a piece of your story! Did you know that this week is National ED Awareness Week? I too used to struggle with an eating disorder; ED controlled me even though I mistakenly believed him to be the one thing in my life that I was in control of. Funny(but not at all) how that works out. Just today I was looking back on that chapter of my life where I was convinced that I would never make progress or find freedom from my obsessive thoughts and harmful habits. Praise God for healing our hearts and our minds. I appreciate you being so fearless and outspoken. God bless!!

    • Thanks so much for commenting friend! Yes I have been writing specifically all week because of Ed awareness week@ Amen to God healing hearts and minds. Proud of you sister and thankful for your story! xo MK

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