A Christmas Without Ed


The Beautiful Heather who is a Rock Star Dietician

The Beautiful Heather who is a Rock Star Dietician

Today I have the pleasure of introducing my beautiful roommate or is also a Registered and Licensed Dietician. As she states on her website, http://www.thefittestfuel.com , she is passionate about helping individuals and she has a great interest in working with individuals to help them learn about nutrition, practice proper fueling and develop a healthy relationship with food. So it is no surprise that she has a huge heart for helping those who have had or who are currently struggling with Eating Disorders. Basically if you know Heather you know she is an overall rock star! I am so grateful for her love, friendship, support, and grace, but also for her amazing knowledge on all things nutrition. If you are struggling this holiday season then you should take a look at her awesome tips on how to have a holiday that does not revolve around Ed and also be sure to check her out and follow her blog @ http://www.thefittestfuel.com


So please help me in welcoming one of my dear friends Heather Heefner. I hope you enjoy her words of wisdom and take to heart her wonderful advice:

How to Keep Ed Away at the Holidays




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1)      Have a game plan: discuss your anticipation of the holidays with your therapist, dietitian and physician so that you can prepare for what is ahead. Know how to recognize your cues and what you will do to overcome stressful situations

2)      Be flexible: Be flexible in your thoughts and your guidelines for yourself. Strive to be flexible in what you eat during the holidays. Take a holiday from perfectionism.

3)      Eat regularly: Do not skip meals and in anticipation of what is to come. Keep a regular, balanced and moderate plan. Having a plan will keep you on track and also reduce stress.

4)      Avoid overbooking yourself: Cut down on unnecessary stress and leave time for relaxation, contemplation and enjoying the small pleasures in life. Make sure you schedule “me” time to take care of yourself.

5)      Direct the conversation: Handle unwelcomed comments. If the conversation starts to trigger ED emotions or thoughts, redirect the conversation to something fruitful. It is ok to call someone out so they know not to bring that topic up again. 

6)      Keep doing what you’re doing: Stick to what you know works for you and your recovery process. Do not mess with the system if it is working!

7)      Don’t do it on your own- Reach out for support! Spend time talking with your supportive loved ones about how you are feeling. Develop a plan for managing the stress and feelings of the holidays. More than likely, your loved one can provide an objective view on the situation. Stay in contact with your support group and your support team.

8)      Be compassionate: Holidays are stressful for everyone! It is so important to practice compassion for those that are around you. Showing compassion to others will help you to show compassion to yourself.

9)      Expect twists and turns: No, your journey will not be perfect…but learn to forgive yourself (and others) and keep moving forward. If certain feelings resurface, take time to consider what triggered these feelings and how you can prevent them in the future 

10) Notice the good stuff: reward yourself for the things that have gone well…no matter how big or how small they may be.

Do not let your eating disorder become an unwanted guest at your holiday table. The holidays are about spending time with family members and friends who are most important to us. Prepare ahead of time on how you can manage your eating disorder and reflect on the progress that you have made. Develop a realistic plan to stay healthy and happy. In addition, take some time to make new recovery goals to start the new year of with a clean slate, a renewed mind, and a new sense of self confidence!